• Outstanding Medical Content
    Medicaforta offers professional medical writing and communcation services.
Medicaforta is an international content marketing company that offers professional high-quality medical writing and communication services to the pharmaceutical, medical, biotech and food industry.

Medicaforta Writing

Medicaforta offers scientific and medical writing services such as:

  • Protocol design and writing
  • Final study reports
  • Written patient information
  • White papers
  • Brochures and newsletters
  • Abstracts
  • Literature summary
  • Manuscript
  • Meeting and conference reports
  • Poster
  • Presentation
  • Information graphics

Medicaforta Communications

Our team of experienced writers delivers both business and commercial copy for websites,
brochures, newsletters, annual reports, press releases,…¬†Medicaforta translates your
marketing and company communication into clear and poignant texts.

Medicaforta Magazines

Medicaforta is specialized in the creation of quality content for medical magazines. We take care of the complete editorial work, revision, photography and graphic design based on the target group and the marketing and communication goals. We have an experienced team with an elaborate editorial know-how.

Medicaforta TV

Audiovisual content for digital media platforms is becoming increasingly important. Medicaforta TV, the audiovisual unit within Medicaforta, offers tailored audiovisual content for media platforms such as websites, mobile networks and other forms of new media.

Medicaforta supports pharmaceutical, medical, biotech and food companies in sharing new scientific and clinical insights amongst medical professionals by producing web television programs: news programs, interviews, talk shows, on-demand, live and interactive.

All our programs are produced by our own team of specialized medical editors.

Medicaforta Proofreading/ Editing

Medicaforta provides an extensive editing and proof-reading service.

  • Use of correct grammar, syntax and spelling
  • Consistency of your document (numbering of tables and figures, cross-references, etc)
  • Re-writing in order to provide an overall clarity and logic of your document
  • Deletion of redundancies
  • Translation

Medicaforta Advantages

You can entrust Mediaforta with the organization of your writing/editing work allowing you to focus on other activities. This way you will fully benefit from all of the advantages a specialized company and its team have to offer.

To cooperate with Medicaforta means to cooperate with a reliable, high-quality partner with activities in various European countries. Medicaforta has years of experience and a solid customer portfolio.

Medicaforta offers writing services in various languages and for various target groups.

The Medicaforta team consists only of the finest staff. We guarantee high-quality end products.

Medicaforta takes care of the entire organization process and ensures that content is supplied automatically and ready to use thanks to our IT platform. This will allow you and your team to focus on other activities.

You are able to choose your subjects and compile your package yourself.


Cooperation with Medicaforta not only entails enormous time savings, but will also generate substantial profits for your writing/editing budget.

Medicaforta operates with complete discretion, behind the scenes. A fact which is highly appreciated.


  • Complete organization of all of the writing and editing work
  • Specialized office
  • Time savings and editing budget profits
  • Tailor-made
  • Various themes
  • Quality
  • Wide selection
  • Discrete
  • Simple
  • Solid partner with extensive references